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AVT1 Quarter-Turn

Design Features / AVT1 Quarter-Turn

AVT1 Quarter-Turn

  • 1. Manual control panel
  • 1. Manual control panel When blackout or setting, after set up a direction of 'OPEN' or 'CLOSE' by manual switch lever ,you can open or close if you rotate manual hand wheel for 'OPEN' or 'CLOSE' way.
  • 2. Set up the value setting
  • 2. Set up the value setting All 'AVT1 series Actuator' is closed by water proof/explosion construction, and you can set up various parameters by using local switch attached to the actuator though you don't open cover.
  • 3. Local Switch
  • 3. Local Switch Local switch is magnetic sensor type and completely closed inside, you can operate Actuator by using 4 'Push' switches and 1 'Select' switch.
  • 4. Position Indicator
  • 4. Position Indicator After indicating position signal by precision sensor you check accurate position, and we minimize error accuracy.
  • 5. Terminal Block
  • 5. Terminal Block It is completely closed by using dual shilling for preventing penetration of moisture or pollutants, and it is designed safe structure to be completely separated from the controller of Actuator inside even it become flooded.
  • 6. BLDC Motor&Screwdriver
  • 6. BLDC Motor&Screwdriver The electric motor for operating hydraulic pump is applied high efficiency of BLDC motor, and low power structure by using 200W small motor. If there is a area that electric supply is not good, it could be contain solar packages because total power consumption of Actuator is under 1kW.
  • 7. Hydraulic Pump
  • 7. Hydraulic Pump It is applied high durable two-way gear pump so it can rotate forward and reverse direction without separate solenoid valve.
    This allows miniaturization of the hydraulic system.
  • 8. Connecting adapter
  • 8. Connecting adapter It is strong durable consisting of ductile cast iron, and also compatible with a variety of value due setting to ISO standard.