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  • AVT3 Linear Actuator

AVT3 Linear Actuator

AVT3 Linear Actuator

  • High output torque

    AVT3 series Actuator can be used to directly attach to valve shaft without separate reducer because it's output torque is much higher than electromotion's by constitution of the hydraulic drive unit.
  • Low power & Environmental

    AVT3 series Actuator is Low power and Environmental product because it uses 200W, 400W BLDE Motor and all power consumption is under 1kW so amount of using power is less.
  • Various construction

    AVT3 series Actuator consists of normal, position outgoing, panel attachment, panel+position outgoing, panel+proportion control type so users can use easily for environment or purpose by selecting.
  • Efficiency of installation

    AVT3 series Actuator can constitute the system efficiently for optimization with field conditions when install at underground or two-phase type because it can be installed by separated from each other of driving and control part.
  • Conversion feature of various settings

    Using LOCAL Switch attached to AVT3 series Actuator, you can easily change speed and various settings.
  • Miniaturization & Lightweight

    AVT3 series Actuator lets realized miniaturization after modular work of each part and lightweight after the body is made of aluminum die casting.


Standard Specifications

Model AVT3
Enclosure Waterproof (IP68), Explosion Proof
Option Self-Weight Descent Type
Electrical Diagram DIOP download DOP download STP download
Exterior Diagram Installation-Status AVT Series Exterior download
    N Ib
    AVT3-10 6,000 1,348
    AVT3-20 10,000 2,191
    AVT3-30 13,000 3,034
    AVT3-40 25,000 5,732
    AVT3-50 40,000 8,935
    AVT3-60 57,000 12,813
    AVT3-70 78,000 17,535
    AVT3-80 100,000 22,930
    AVT3-90 130,000 29,168
    AVT3-100 160,000 35,913
  • Actuator Specification
    Power Pack Actuator
    H : 245.5
    W : 528
    H : 191.2
    W : 275
    L : 375
Automatic Pressure 170 bar (max. 210 bar)
Terminal Double-sealed structure, 34 Contact points, M4 Screw, Rated AC250V / 5A
Hydraulic Oil ISO VG46
Standard Painting RED
Power 50/60Hz, 1Ph, AC 220V, 440V , DC 110V
Setting Method Opening and parameter setting using a local switch, Password Protection
Motor Efficiency rate over 90%, BLDC Motor, 200w/400W
Wire Entrance 2 X PF 1"
Control Method Contact Point, Proportional Control, Communications
Space Heater Equipped within the controller, 5W
Torque Setting Variable Relief Valve, Screw Type
Temperature Range -25℃ ~ 80℃
Opening Measuring Device Embedded type, Digital/Analog, Percentage (%) shown
Manual Operating Part Manual Handle, Switch Lever